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Connecting talents, transcending borders.

"Amazing People" because we value the human aspect and promote remote work. Our principles reflect the importance of the individual and the appreciation of their well-being and development, regardless of where they are located.

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Individual Respect

We recognize that each person is unique, with their own experiences, skills and perspectives, and we treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Transparent Communication

We are open and honest in all communications, keeping everyone informed and encouraging feedback in all directions.

Collaboration and Community

Even working remotely, we create a sense of belonging, encouraging collaboration and building a close-knit community that supports and cares for each other. 

Health and wellness

We emphasize the importance of the mental and physical health of our employees, offering support and resources when necessary.

Social responsability

We recognize the company's role in society and seek ways to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.

Personal and professional development

We encourage opportunities for the growth and development of each team member, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set with us.


We recognize that remote work brings unique challenges and advantages and we believe that together and with responsibility and well-made agreements we can deliver quality for both, maintaining well-being and balance for the employee and benefits and performance for our clients.

Inclusion and Diversity

We ensure that everyone, regardless of their origin, gender, religion or any other aspect, feels valued and has equal opportunities.

People-driven innovation

We focus innovation in ways that benefit not only the company, but also employees, customers and the community at large.

Integrity and Ethics

We ensure that all decisions and actions are taken with integrity and in accordance with high ethical standards.


We always work and seek the best partnerships and the best benefits for our employees.

Career path

Career plan at W where you can have more freedom in choosing your journey.

We enhance your performance, with targeted objectives and appreciation of your evolution.

Internal communities of practice

With many minds focused on a common set of challenges, solutions can be developed more quickly and efficiently. Knowledge is shared between new and veteran members, ensuring that experience and understanding are not lost.


An exclusive discount platform for our employees. Beauty, food and drink, leisure and culture, travel and tourism, pets, electronics, education, home items and much more.

Care for your health

Employees can opt for Bradesco Saúde or Unimed medical assistance (available depending on location).

Birthday voucher

On your birthday you will receive a voucher so you can enjoy your day.


Transparent and clear assessment through a process in which the employee participates and so do their peers, making a direct link with their job description and tasks. Totally numerical, excluding subjectivity.

External Events

AP participates in external events and generally selects employees who can attend events to ensure that everyone has access.


Get access to thousands of gyms, studios, workouts and wellness apps.

The first step towards caring for your physical and mental health.

Take care of your oral health

Dental Plan without discount
monthly fee. Taking care of your oral health is also an investment in health and well-being.

Educational Partnerships

Take advantage of our partnerships with institutions such as ESPM, FIAP, OpenEnglish and several others to boost your learning.

One-on-one and periodic feedback

Alignments of expectations and continuous exchange of experiences between leaders and followers.

CAJU Benefits Card

The CAJU flexible benefits card is accepted across the Visa network and brings together several types of benefits: Meal Voucher, Food Voucher, Education Assistance, Home-Office Assistance, Culture, Health Voucher, and Mobility.

Conexa Saúde

With this benefit you will have access to psychologists, nutritionists and more than 20 different medical specialties in a single application.

Birthday day off

Your birthday is yours to enjoy however you want.
Take the opportunity to rest and recharge your energy or
celebrate your day with family and friends without worries. You choose.

Partnership with SESC

You can enjoy discounts on gyms, tickets to cultural events, hotel accommodation, as well as access to wellness programs and sporting activities promoted by Sesc.


We are a 100% remote working company but we have a super cozy office in Campinas-SP in a company condominium close to shopping malls and highways with all security and services. 

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Mariana Santos / Recruitment and Selection Leader

"Working at AP Digital Services is synonymous with constant development combined with an excellent teamwork climate, I feel very happy here!"

Career Opportunities

Come be part of this Amazing Team!

Check out some of the opportunities that are currently open below and 

come transform your career with us! 

Full Software Architect

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Full Software Architect

Discover this opportunity

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