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Develop a solution that would allow a smooth transition for non-digital users, optimizing their shopping experience. The goal was also to continually adapt based on customer feedback, ensuring satisfaction, engagement, adoption and retention.

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The challenge

Our client wanted to dominate the B2B and D2C market, seeking to be thepioneer in a niche not yet explored by your competitors. The big challenge was to meet a "Time to Market"aggressive, with the pressure of beingdisruptive It isinnovative.


  • D2C Strategy:We consider a broad D2C ecosystem, evaluating potential partnerships, market trends, identifying our target customer and developing a robust executive plan. We prioritize optimizing our existing retail partnerships.

  • Data-Driven Approach: We invest in collecting and analyzing data to guide all our decisions. With constant experimentation, we were able to dynamically adjust our strategies, basing each action on concrete data insights.

  • Tecnologic innovation: We use technology to improve both our internal and external processes. By optimizing operations and leveraging human capital, we ensured that our objectives were achieved.

  • SAFe Methodology: We implemented the SAFe scalable agile methodology, together with digital product techniques, to ensure agility and adaptability in our process.

  • Product Vision and Personas: We carry out a detailed survey of the product vision, understanding our personas and mapping user journeys to create a personalized experience.

  • Focus on MVP: Before diving in, we focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This allowed us to quickly test and learn about the specific problem we were solving.

  • Market Tools: We carried out a complete evaluation of the available market tools, weighing the benefits and costs, to determine whether a proprietary solution would be more beneficial. third parties and having been considered a tool that is not only robust, but also very performant and has a well-defined architecture.

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Thanks to our holistic approach, our client has not only successfully penetrated the B2B and D2C market, but also set a new standard for the digital shopping experience. Non-digital users found a smooth transition, and the company saw a notable increase in engagement, retention, and overall customer satisfaction. Through constant iterations based on feedback and data, we ensure the client remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Among the results is a significant increase in the average ticket in addition to sales in an additional channel not foreseen by the company.

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