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Viveo, a market leader in the supply of medicines and medical materials, was faced with a challenge: a lengthy, manual and costly quotation process. In such a competitive market, efficiency is not just desirable – it is crucial.

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The challenge

In a competitive and dynamic industry, Viveo was faced with a manual quoting process that was prone to errors and delays. The necessity? A modern, agile and scalable solution that would put Viveo ahead of the competition.


  • Integrated Platform: Say goodbye to piles of paper. A fully integrated digital platform was the beginning of our revolution.

  • Improved Efficiency:Advanced filters, intuitive interfaces and solutions that save time and resources.

  • The Power of DEPARA:An innovation that drastically reduced rework and optimized quotes.

  • Centralized Solution:All in one place. Agility and efficiency that only Viveo can offer.


Change is not just technological, but cultural. We adopt a customer-centric approach, investing in listening, understanding and delivering. With techniques such as Design Thinking and collaborative approaches, we position Viveo at the forefront of the sector.


The journey continues. We are developing DEPARA INTELIGENTE using IArtificial intelligence, promising to set new standards of excellence.

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🎯Sustainability in Action:We decreased 45,000 monthly impressions. More efficiency, less waste.

🎯Advanced Scanning: 90% of quotes are now conducted through our digital platform, proving the effectiveness of user-focused innovation.

🎯 Strategic Automation:43.96% of quotes are responded to automatically, ensuring agility and accuracy in service.

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