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Converse/Nike, a giant in the footwear and apparel world, recognized the need to integrate and optimize its digital marketing operations globally. With a rapidly transforming market and the growing relevance of digital channels, it was imperative for the brand to stay ahead, being not just reactive, but proactive in market trends.

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The challenge

In just 20 days, we produced analyses, dashboards and a demonstration video with data from three countries (Brazil, South Africa and Australia).

From then on, with the predicted explosive growth ofConverse's digital business in the coming years, the company faced the challenge of creating a robust, integrated, data-driven marketing structure. It was necessary to provide teams in different countries with frameworks, work models, training and support, ensuring strategic alignment and operational efficiency. The main challenge was to create a Global Marketing area that combined these elements and could quickly adapt to market changes based on the framework produced in 20 days and still increase it on a scale for all countries, delivering in addition to Dashboards and structure, training, processes, support and a whole new way of working.


We introduce the"Digital MEC", a centralized digital hub offering essential tools, answers and support for Converse's digital marketing operations globally.


This hub not only optimized content strategies, but also facilitated channel integration, improved internal communication and process automation.


By working closely with multiple marketing teams and monitoring ROI, Converse/Nike was able to ensure that their digital strategies were always aligned, communicated appropriately, and producing the desired results.

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In Just 23 Days, Converse/Nike Saw an Unparalleled Digital Transformation:

  • 🚀 Monumental Jump in Brazil: 44% increase in revenue, totaling an increase of 5 million.

  • 🌎 Amplified Global Expansion: Impact in 3 countries, disseminated across 5 different platforms.

  • 📊 Robust Analysis: 15 studies, 52 pages of content and 264 social media posts analyzed, spanning two semesters (01/2022 - 01/2023).

Customer Feedback

Daniele Knofel - Sr Digital Marketing Manager | DTC | Chat

"The experience of working in partnership with AP over the last year was exceptional, from the formation of a squad of extremely qualified professionals, the construction of processes and a new dynamic and agile ecosystem that enables us to sustain Converse's Digital Marketing operation.

This is just the beginning of many important transformations for our business."

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