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For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Budweiser has teamed up with AP Digital Services. An innovative campaign was launched:1.5 billion bottles distributed in 20 countries, all withUnique QR Codes for prizes and augmented reality. With impeccable technique and scale, the campaign increased Budweiser sales and created aunforgettable experience for football fans.


The challenge

The technical challenge was immense. Imagine ensuring that1.5 billion bottles, with unique QR Codes, could be scanned and verified in real time and ensured that the bottles were actually beingconsumed and not just QR Codes being scanned, and this without any failure or downtime in 20 different countries with varying network infrastructures. Furthermore, it was crucial to ensure the security of participants' data, as this information was linked to valuable prizes.


Our team dedicated countless hours to planning, research, and development to deliver a robust and scalable solution. ABImbev opted for Drupal, a highly flexible and scalable CMS (Content Management System) platform. By integrating it with advanced cloud technologies and databases, we were able to create a system that not only met promotional needs, but was also able to adapt to the different legislation and technological infrastructures of each country.

Security was another area that required extra attention. We implement multiple layers of security, from QR Code encryption to advanced fraud detection systems to ensure codes are not cloned or misused.

Interaction with architects and IT specialists from 20 countries was essential. With frequent meetings and collaborations, we were able to better understand the peculiarities of each market and adapt our solution to meet all demands. This collaborative work was fundamental to the success of the campaign.

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The results speak for themselves: thepromotion was an absolute success. Budweiser sales increased significantly, and the marketing campaignAugmented reality has brought a new dimension to the customer experience. Consumer feedbackit was extremely positive, and many praised the ease and innovation of the promotion.

In short, the project was a victory not only for Budweiser and Ambev, but also for AP Digital Services. DWe demonstrate that, with the right technology and a collaborative approach, it is possible to overcome any challenge and deliver innovative solutions that make a real impact on the market.

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